About Dick Grimm

Dick Grimm is a writer of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal Suspense. He hails from Indianapolis.

Dick’s interests include religion, philosophy, psychology, and vampires & werewolves.

If Tom Clancy, Anne Rice, and Christopher Moore got together to smoke a ton of pot and collaborate on stories, you might find something like Dick’s fiction in the trash the next morning.

Dick received all of his secondary, college, and postgraduate education at conservative religious institutions such as Cedarville University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. At one time, he believed God had called him to be a minister. Alas, Dick is no longer a Christian, so that education is now pretty stinkin’ useless for anything but writing fiction (Oh, sure, he could use all that religion-y education to start a cult a la L. Ron Hubbard, but he’s not quite that sociopathic).

So Dick now writes fiction.

Dick is in the process of developing NIGHTFALL, an 18-volume series of horror, urban fantasy, and paranormal suspense. The first volume in the series is ICEBITCH, to be released EARLY 2016.

Dick has received no awards or recognition of any kind for his fiction. He hopes that’ll change in the near future, but he ain’t holding his breath.